Paying For Value

At Gardner Underwater, our prices reflect the value we deliver. We stand by the following principles to guide our pricing.

  1. No one likes to talk about money. As such, let's be up front about money. No hidden fees, upselling, fine print, false discounts, sunshine taxes, or other means of being shady about money.
  2. Great training should be priced to reflect the same value a student receives in the knowledge, skills, and techniques gained in their training which carry on through the career of a diver.
  3. Great training should reflect a living wage for the expertise and commitment of a great instructor.
  4. Scuba Diving is, by its very nature, a risky sport. Bargain shopping for the cheapest and fastest training in other inherently risky sports like BASE jumping, or big wave surfing, or high-altitude mountaineering would be considered senseless. Scuba diving is the same.



In Water Courses & Training

$300 / DAY

Minimum 1 Day


Foundational Scuba Coaching.

$129 / mo

No Minimum Commitment

DAN Training

In Person Emergency Training

$300 / COURSE

Typically 1 Day


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