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Buoyancy. Balance. Breathing. These are the foundations upon which you will build a scalable platform for your diving. Elevate your diving to new places through team dive training.


Scuba Coaching

Coaching is a unique training model built for all levels of divers wanting to achieve gains in their diving.

Great scuba training does not have to be focused on the outcome. It can be about the process. Utilizing a thorough, structured, and weekly process.

The coaching program includes all the aspects to make you a better, well rounded diver.

Coaching Includes:

  • Tailored, weekly foundational diving training program
  • Access to all of the Recreational online course content
  • Regular communication with your coach
  • Video review and feedback

UTD Extreme Scuba Makeover

The UTD ESM course is designed for any certified diver wishing to improve his/her basic diving skills and DIR configuration.

You will learn precise buoyancy control through proper breathing, trim, and proper weighting which is the basis of all comfort and safety in the water.

Many beginning recreational divers all the way to instructors from other agencies have taken this course in the past with amazing results.

ESM Course Details:

  • 4 hours of instruction including academics
  • 4 hours pool/confined water session
  • Gear configuration review
  • Proper weighting, breathing, trim, and non-silting propulsion

Skills Training

Through one-on-one dive training sessions or group training dives we work together to hone specific skills you've identified as areas of growth.

In-water work gives you the ability to focus your work on specific skills and learn procedures, techniques, and abilities.

Skills training teaches you how to practice the right way moving forward to gain proficiency with your personal skills.

Common Skills Include:

  • Propulsion (Back Kick, Frog Kick, Helicopter Turn, etc)
  • SMB deployment
  • Team Descent Procedures
  • Controlled Min Deco Ascents

DAN Emergency Training

The world’s most recognized and respected dive safety organization, Divers Alert Network (DAN) has remained committed to the health and well-being of divers for 40 years.

The organization’s research, medical services and global-response programs create an extensive network that supports divers with vital services such as injury prevention, safety and educational programs and lifesaving evacuations.

Every year, hundreds of thousands of divers around the world look to DAN as their dive safety organization, emergency training agency, and trusted ally.

DAN Courses Offered:

  • Diving First Aid for Professional Divers (DFA Pro)
  • Basic Life Support: CPR and First Aid (BLS)
  • Emergency Oxygen for Scuba Diving Injuries (EO2)
  • First Aid for Hazardous Marine Life Injuries (HMLI)


1. Honor The Relationship

I believe there is a sacred relationship that develops between a mentor and a mentee when both come together with an openness to grow. I will always honor the relationship first above all else. 

2. Stay Humble; Stay Hungry

There is always more to learn. When the student learns one thing, the instructor learns one thousand. I will always be humble in my approach and hungry to learn more.

3. Put In The Work

Any growth in training is the result of a consistent, resilient, and earnest application of work. I will always search for opportunities to focus on the work rather than the outcome.

4. Make Mistakes

Mistakes come from taking new chances to grow. They represent opportunities to learn, to refine, and to move forward with more clarity than we had before. I will always be open to making mistakes.

5. Feedback, Feedback, Feedback

Feedback, which is different from judgment, is the fuel for growth. Feedback is the process of holding a mirror to allow you to see what you can't otherwise see. I will always prioritize feedback as a tool in my coaching. 


No one likes to talk about money. As such, I believe in being up front about money. Here is current pricing.


Elevate your diving through structured, consistent Foundational Scuba Coaching.


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Learn precise buoyancy control through proper breathing, trim, and proper weighting. 


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Skills Training

Focus on your personal skills through procedure, technique, and practical application.

$100 / HR

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DAN Training

Build your compentence in dealing with diving emergencys with DAN Training.


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Hey There,

As a growing diver, I wanted to get better. But I had reached a point in my dive training where I was just not getting the level of feedback, observation, and guidance I desired for my growth.

I was stuck. Then everything changed.

I joined the UTD Coaching Program as a student. The program's consistent, weekly, and tailored approach catapulted my diving to levels I never had imagined.

I received an extremely high level of education, continual feedback from my coach who had "been there and done that," and a unified team approach to my diving.

I started my professional diving career with one intention: to provide that "catapult" for other divers just like me.

I teach because I love it. I dive because I'm obsessed with it. Instructing allows me to combine my love for diving and my passion for teaching into a natural, powerful fit. 


Jay Gardner is a dedicated diver, a DAN instructor, and a Dive Professional for UTD Scuba Diving International, a training agency that is committed to building thinking divers.

He is the founder of Team Sixgill, a DIR dive team based in Texas and a part of the Texas Underwater Survey Project. Jay is the co-host of The Dive Table Podcast where each week he brings his unique perspective and entrepreneurial experience to the show.

In his non-scuba life, Jay is a girl dad, an entrepreneur, a best-selling author, and an internationally recognized speaker/coach in the entrepreneurship/startup field.


Weekly episodes exploring various topics in scuba diving ranging from: recreational diving, technical diving, dive travel, dive equipment, training and certification, scuba instruction, and the general scuba diving industry; The Dive Table will entertain and inform.

You can find the Podcast on your favorite podcast platform.


  • I have been diving and training together with Jay since the start of my scuba journey. He is a born leader and a hell of a teammate. Jay has helped me to grow into a better diver in the past year and he has this amazing talent of coaching in and out of water. He is a fun dude to talk to, a trustworthy dive buddy who will always has your back and a passionate instructor/coach whom you can learn a lot from.

    X. Kong

  • Jay has a great teaching style and presense in his approach to scuba instruction. He took the time to help me dial in the skills I really wanted to focus on. I gained a lot from this training.

    .Thomas K


What do you mean by "DIR Diving?"

DIR stands for "Doing It Right." It is a holistic dive approach and philosophy with roots in the original WKPP dive teams. It is much more than just an equipment configuration. It includes dive planning, gas planning, emergency procedures, skills, and techniques.

DIR is not "technical diving." Although many technical divers are also DIR divers. Instead, it is an approach that can be applied to all types of diving from recreational to technical to cave.

Why UTD?

I chose UTD for their unique approach of providing a unified, consistent, scalable, and interchangeable dive training system. Here are two things UTD does differently:

1. The Course Content
When you buy UTD Scuba Diving materials as a student, you get access to this content for life. Whether you are learning to dive for the first time or taking an advanced diver course, we give you access to the latest and up to date course materials for every course we offer. This will automatically update it self as soon as we ad stuff or make changes. As a scuba diving student you’ll study the material for your in person class.

2. The Way We Dive
Our waterways are fragile, and filled with living organisms that we can’t see. Every part of this ecosystem is vital. Big fish eat smaller fish, small fish eat tiny fish, tiny fish eat the microscopic stuff, and so on. Traditional scuba training has always advocated kneeling on the bottom. This kills the food at the bottom of the food chain. Lack of awareness of your buoyancy – how you are floating in the water – leads to the death and destruction of tons of plant and animal life. It also churns up tons of dirt and dust, making it harder for everyone to see.

With UTD you will learn to dive in an “Ocean Friendly,” team diving system. We can’t emphasize enough how important this is. From the moment you first meet us, you will be trained to be in control of your buoyancy – neutrally buoyant and nicely horizontal in the water, like you are laying on a cushion, perfectly suspended in mid-water, relying on your breathing patterns to control your depth.

It’s magical, having that kind of control, not just for the sake of the ecosystem, but for your own safety. The better your buoyancy control, the safer and more confident diver you will be; always comfortable in the water so your awareness can go to your team and your environment.

So what makes you stand out as a UTD Scuba Diver? You will be a confident, highly skilled badass diver. You and the waterways will be happy forever.

What is Scuba Coaching?

Coaching is just that...coaching. You may refer to it by another name: guide, mentor, instructor, teacher, performance consultant...but it all means the same thing: A dedicated resource in your corner helping you achieve growth in the areas you want to grow in.

What is the Role of a Coach?

I take the role of the coach very seriously.

A coach's role is not to "play the game" on the field. Instead, it is to prepare, guide, and equip the player with the right tools they need to be successful.

As such, a coach's role is always in support of the student...not in front.

As a coach, my success is inherently linked to the success of my students. The primal focus of every action I take as a coach is to make my student better.

What is Team Diving?

Team diving orients our sphere of focus from just ourselves to our team.

The team is your backup – gas, equipment and brain.

No Team Diver relies on another person or piece of equipment to make the “sole” decisions. We think and make decisions as a team. Head up, eyes open, and brain on.

What are the "6 Rules of Diving?"

Rule 1. Always Breathe – Slowly and Continuously 

Rule 2. Always Be Neutrally Buoyant

Rule 3. Always Dive Within Your Personal Limits

Rule 4. Dress For Success

Rule 5. Plan Your Dive and Dive Your Plan

Rule 6. Always Look Cool

How can Virtual Scuba Coaching Work?

A tailored, weekly curriculum including theory, content, in-water skill exercises, and video recording is provided at the start of each week via the training platform. You will login to the platform via the web or the app to receive your tasks for the week.

Any questions can be raised using the training platform and are typically addressed within 48 hours during the week.

As you complete the tasks in your calendar at your pace, you mark them as “complete” and be sure to upload video recordings of dive skills or other pieces of work that may be required.

I will provide feedback on your tasks and identify areas of excellence and areas of improvement as we go.

I will then tailor the next week's content based on the previous week.

Note: The Coaching Program does not include in-water training sessions together. These are optional and can be used as we see fit together. There is an additional cost to an in-water training session that will be addressed upfront prior to scheduling a session.

Is the Coaching Program Truly Custom?

The coaching program is very hands-on at UTD with lots of personal contact, it is in no way a cookie-cutter program. As such, we will tailor the program to align to your goals as a diver.

Can Scuba Training Actually Fit Into My Busy Schedule?

All training programs are designed to fit into your busy schedule. For example, I customize your coaching program on a weekly basis, so as long as you let me know what your upcoming week looks like, we can tailor it to you.

Training programs are also very collaborative. We will keep an open back and forth dialogue going to make sure you get the absolute most out of your training. If something isn’t working, things are moving too fast, or there are areas you want to go deeper on, please speak up. 

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